Principal's Desk


“ Education is not preparation of life, education is life itself”. -John Dewey.

Dear Parents, Students, well-wishers , as the new principal of the esteemed institution with a well-respected legacy of providing exceptional , educational outcomes and opportunities for your minds since 2019. I cordially welcomes you the website of Fabtech Public School, Sangola.It’s my pleasure and honor to be working with a school that inherits a rich legacy and excited to worth our outstanding staff, students and parents to provide the best education ambience possible for our school. I look forward to continue the focus on academic excellence blended with co-curricular activities and sports to help achieve meaningful and relevant learning experiences, holistic development and preparing our students for the cyber age. School provides a platform for the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor development of children who are rapidly changing physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. Team of our teachers help to instill in our children a keen social conscience and the capacity to make an ethical decision to help them become future leaders and role models of society. The School therefore has under taken a great leap in integrating information and communication technology into the classroom teaching and learning process. I am confident that through a collaborative effort of everyone associated with Fabtech Public School we will continue to make our school safe, supportive and foster a strong sense of togetherness for student to learn. I feel fortunate for this new leadership role and look forward and embarking on another exciting rewarding and memorable academic year .