Multipurpose Hall

Music Learning

Music has number of advantages. It helps to develop brain are involved in language and reasoning. It also helps to think creatively and to solve problems by imagining. Music study enhances teamwork skill and discipline. Music provides children with a means of self-expression. Our music rooms has Tabala, Dholaks, Flutes, Guitars, Drum set. Renowned music teachers teach Indian classical and semi-classical vocal music with instruments.


Dance is the best way to channel children`s seemingly boundless energy. Regular dance practice may increase the children flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, corrects poor posture, increase balance and co-ordination and improve overall cardio vascular health. It is an aerobic form of exercise. It can encourage children to foster a more positive attitude and explore their own self-expression. Our dance teacher teaches Western , Classical , Semi-Classical and other dance forms.

Art And Craft Room

Creativity and imagination are closely associated with each other. Art plays a vital role in all-round development of students. Imagination takes birth in art and craft room. Our art and craft room is not only spacious but also exhibits many number of portraits of renowned artists .We have abundant range of drawing teacher, who has proved his talent internationally. Various drawing, coloring and craft activities are conducted for the students.